And my fucked up life continues...

Today my mum and two uncles had a car accident. They colided with a mini bus. My mum was taken to the hospital in a helicopter and one of the uncles was taken by an ambulance. My mum lost consciousness, but she regained it now. I think they were taking her to do x rays or something when we talked on the phone. Since her call I've calmed down a bit, but we know nothing about the uncle. I just hope that everyone will be all right...Just how many things have to go wrong for fate to be satisfird?!
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Majimak Insa University

Waaaah, it's been a while!

Title: Majimak Insa University
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Supernatural, mystery, romance (don’t be impatient, feelings must be developed properly first :P)
Pairings: you may try guessing :P
Chapter: 3/?
Summary: a government project, those with special ability and those without it placed in one university - can they manage?
Warning: swearing and a bit of violence
Disclaimer: Yeah, they’re totally mine…not!
AN: this whole fic was inspired by Yunho & Changmin’s mv “Keep your head down” (and that’s why Yunho’s special ability is fire^^)

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Random quiz :)

Hi, everyone! ^.^
I know I've been absent for quite some time, but well...you know me! I'm just that type of an evil ghost writer XDD
Today I'd like to share my result of the Consequences of Capitalism quiz with you and also encourage you to take one too! ^.^
So here it is...

You're Hunger!

You manage to stick around even though there's no earthly reason
for you to do so. After all, there's enough food for absolutely everyone to eat.
So why do you go around killing so many people? Looks like another clear market
efficiency. By requiring people to have randomly valued pieces of paper or metal
discs or electronic representations of same, you can manage to make many of them
so undernourished that their life ends. They expire because of a lack of needless
items, usually because those items are only distributed widely in another part of
the world. And you thought you had problems.

Take the Consequences of Capitalism Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

LOL, seriously?! Hunger? Well...it's kind of true that I'm constantly hungry...XDDD
Anyway, have fun guys! :P
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Title: Blind
Pairing: Soohyun/Eli
Genre: Romance, angst
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Soohyun and Eli are best friends. Eli has a girlfriend. They all live happily…OK, maybe not all of them, but the point is that happiness doesn’t last forever…or is there still hope?
Chapter: 10/13
Disclaimer: Yeah, yeah, no one belongs to anyone…

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Really late christmas post~

Hi guys! ^.^
I know I'm really late with it, but I hope you all had wonderful christmas and an outstanding New Year's celebration! ^.~
I wanted to post my Christmas greetings earlier, on the 22nd, Dec, but I was kind of in a hurry ans so I didn't manage - as I always do everything at the last minute, I had to rush to Olsztyn to catch my bus to Germany. This year we decided to spend Christmas there with our really good friends^^ They have been inviting us for quite some time and this time we finally managed to go^^ And we had a really good time there^^ I most probably gained weight too, though...XD
Oh, and I dyed my hair! Now, I have chestnut strands^^
I hope everyone's all right^^
Take care, my dear friends! ^.^
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Deathly whisper

I actually wrote it, like, over a month ago and I must say that I had lots of fun while creating the plot^^

Theme: Winter holidays
Title: Deathly whisper
Pairing: EunTeuk
Genre: Romance, suspense, supernatural, crime
Rating: PG-13
Length: One-shot
Summary: Not your ordinary Leeteuk and not your ordinary Hyukjae.
Warning: One scene containing blood, occasional swearing

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Fast and Loose

I've just came across this programme in which there is a guy who is trying to show with his body movements just what song is being played in the background. Two other people, who don't hear the song, try to guess. Some of you may have already seen it, but I decided to post it anyway cause tt's pretty funny ^.^

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